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A Walk around the
Snickelways of York
9th edition
by Mark W Jones

ISBN 978-1-871125-77-1

Now in its 9th edition, this 'fascinating and truly original guide book'
(The Independent) has sold around 90,000 copies. An amusingly written walking guide to York's alleys, ginnels and snickets - the very best way to explore York’s hidden secrets on foot. With around 85 hand-drawn maps
and sketches.

"Mark Jones has found a winning formula: take the never-fading interest in old York, add a touch of mystery
and  exploration, mix with fine penmanship, a nice sense of humour and some delightful sketches and you have an irresistible combination."

The Yorkshire Evening Press

"I found this book great fun. I think
any tourist in York would jump at the chance to use it for exploring on foot – and so would York residents."

Yorkshire Life

"An excellent book ... even local people are busily reading about places they had not hitherto discovered."

The New York Times

"The best way of all to see York."

Sunday Telegraph

Walking St Hilda's Way
by John Eckersley

ISBN 9780956789020

St Hilda’s Way is a new 43-mile long-distance trail in North Yorkshire, starting from Hinderwell and finishing at Whitby Abbey. The walk is designed as a pilgrimage and visits eight Churches and Chapels all dedicated
to St Hilda, as well as two other churches named after St Hedda and St Mary. At each location there is a
special focus on a different aspect of
the saint’s life, something to find in
the church and the opportunity for reflection and meditation.

The Way was the idea of the Whitby Anglican churches and its format was inspired by the icon of St Hilda written by Edith Reyntiens, who has given
her kind permission for it to be used
in the book. Veteran long-distance walkers, Nancy and John Eckersley, have lent their assistance in devising the route and writing the guidebook.

The guidebook has extracts from the Ordnance Survey OL27 map covering the route in short sections of between two and six miles. Nancy has taken most of the photos and written the majority of the ‘special interest’ content. John has devised the route.
As always with their other walking books, Mark Comer has lent his inimitable talents to the final artistic presentation of the guide.

Life in all its Fullness
by John & Nancy Eckersley

ISBN 978-0953586271

John Eckersley has been writing a
short summary of his life, ably assisted by his wife Nancy. His original idea
had been to recall early stories that might have appealed to their grandchildren.
But then he thought: 'Why stop there?' and so later episodes tell of his life up
to the present, including a summary of the walking adventures that he and his wife have found so enjoyable in recent years.
The book's title comes from St John's Gospel chapter 10 where Jesus declares
'I have come so that you may have life; life in all its fullness'.
He chose this verse because it summed up how privileged he felt he had been
to have a life full of so many different experiences. On numerous occasions
he tells how he has been conscious of God's guidance through what he calls his 'Silent Voice'.

'Life in all its Fullness', of course, has nothing to do with making lots of money, or buying lots of expensive 'stuff' or becoming a famous celebrity. Rather, it is about rejoicing in the simple gifts of life.

Alphabetting in
East Yorkshire
by John & Nancy Eckersley

ISBN 9780953586257

Alphabetting in East Yorkshire (published in 2010) is a collection of
26 circular walks. Each walk goes to a place or feature beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, so the
‘A‘ Walk goes to Arras, the ‘B‘ Walk to Bempton, the ‘C‘ Walk to Cowlam and so on. There are even walks to Q, U, V, X, Y and Z locations.
All the walks are circular and are about 10 miles long but most have a shorter alternative of about 5 miles. Town
Trails with photo Treasure Hunt clues are an additional feature of a number
of the walks.

Christian Aid has obtained agreement from the European Commission that they will ‘match-fund’ donations for a water supply and farming project in Zimbabwe. The arrangement means that for every £1.00 raised from the sale of this book for Christian Aid, the E.C. will add an extra £9.00, in effect, multiplying the gift by ten times!
As all the proceeds from ‘Alphabetting in East Yorkshire’ are being given to this project, and the book costs £10.00, that means £100.00 for Zimbabwe after the match-funding is added.

Echoes (or Eckoes?)
by John Eckersley

ISBN 9780953586219

ECHOES (published in 2000) was a Millennium project.

It is a collection of national walks to
the highest points in forty English counties. 
The acronym ECHOES stands for ‘English Counties Highest Original
or Engineered Summits’.

Volunteers have been sponsored to
walk ECHOES since 2000, particularly on May Day Bank Holiday weekends, and they have raised sponsor money
for Christian Aid.

Abbeys Amble
by John Eckersley

ISBN 9780953586202

John’s first book (published in 1999) describes a 103-mile circular walk starting and finishing at Ripon Cathedral.

It links up three famous Yorkshire Abbeys (Fountains Abbey, Jervaulx Abbey and Bolton Priory) as well as visiting three Yorkshire castles (Ripley, Bolton and Middleham).

The complete circuit is divided into 25 separate day circular walks.

Wilberforce Way
by John Eckersley

ISBN 9780953586240

The Wilberforce Way (published in 2007) celebrates the bicentenary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave
trade by that determined
Yorkshireman William Wilberforce.
The 60-mile trail starts in Hull (where Wilberforce was born), goes through Pocklington (where he went to school) and finishes in York (where he was declared MP for Yorkshire).

It is the first of John’s walks to be signposted and is divided into 13 separate but interlinked day walks.  It includes locations of special importance in the struggle for human freedom and dignity as well as visiting delightful landscapes and places of more general interest.

Whitby Abbeylands Walks
by John Eckersley & Roger Pickles

ISBN 9780956486509

John and his wife Nancy accepted
an offer from Roger Pickles and the
Friends of Whitby Abbey to devise
a series of walks around the
boundary of the estate of the
medieval Whitby Abbey.
The 54 mile linear route follows as closely as possible the boundary of the medieval estate along the North Sea coast and over the North York Moors. As with John’s other books, the linear trail has been subdivided into 13 inter-linked circular walks each of about 10 miles length. Most of these have shorter alternatives.

Roger Pickles has written the historical and special interest information.

The Minster Way
by Ray Wallis

ISBN 1-901184-218

The Minster way is a charming 50
mile walk that runs North and West from Beverley Minster to York Minster. As well as these two Gothic masterpieces and the delights of Beverley and York it also takes in
parts of the Holderness,
crosses the Wolds through some of the most beautiful sections of that range of hills, runs along the Derwent from Stamford Bridge to Kexby and finally approaches York along the banks of
the Ouse. It's a really delightful walk with lots of variety and interest along the way.

The guide is well laid out and written
in a comradely style by the very well-informed author, who has a great love for the area.

St John of Bridlington
by Revd John Wardle

ISBN 978-0-953586264

John Wardle, a former Rector of Bridlington Priory, tells the story of Prior John de Thweng who, in 1401, became St John of Bridlington.

To set the scene, the starting point is a description of the Priory in the twelfth century under Robert the Scribe, its fourth prior. Two centuries later, Prior John became well-known for his powerful prayers and his compassion for the poor.

After his canonisation as a saint, the Priory became a popular destination for pilgrims, so the focus of the story widens to include the many places around the country which felt the touch of St John. He became the patron saint of monarchs and nobles, sailors and merchants.

Finally, the legacy of the saint is brought up-to-date with a look at the present Priory community as it continues today to fulfil its ministry to the people of Bridlington and beyond.

The Tidewater Way
by Tony Raben

ISBN 978-1-871125-27-6
This book guides the walker unerringly along a consistently scenic route between tidal waters on the coasts of Yorkshire and Lancashire. With full colour maps and illustrations throughout.

The Continuing City
by Patrick Nuttgens
with photographs by
Dr John Shannon

ISBN 978-1-871125-57-3

The history of York brought to life by one of the founding members of staff at the University of York and lavishly illustrated with over 150 colour photographs from the camera of Dr John Shannon.


York Civic Trust Walking Guide: The Minor Pleasures
of York
by Dr John Shannon CBE

ISBN 978-1-871125-06-1
John Shannon's many photographs of York were the consummation of his pride in the city of his birth. An amateur photographer with the eye of an artist, he noticed those details that the average person misses and this pocket-sized walking guide to the city is full of interesting detail and unusual pictures.

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